“NEW ZERO-RATE ENTERPRISES” is the measure suitable for young people and women who want to become entrepreneurs. The facilities are valid throughout Italy and provide for zero-interest financing of business projects with expenses up to 1.5 million euros that can cover up to 75% of the total eligible expenses.


Individuals who provide for the establishment of companies within 45 days from the communication of the measure of admission, whose corporate structure is composed, for more than half of the members and their respective shares, by young people aged between 18 and 35 years and / or women. Companies set up in corporate form no more than 12 months previously, including cooperative companies, with the above-mentioned corporate structure.


Production of goods in the areas of industry, crafts, processing of agricultural products; Provision of services to businesses and individuals; Trade in goods and services Tourism Activities of the tourism-cultural sector, aimed at the enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage, environment and landscape, as well as the improvement of services for receptivity and reception; Services for social innovation.


Investment programs not exceeding € 1,500,000 to be carried out within 24 months from the date of signing the financing contract. Eligible expenses: Business land; Buildings and masonry, including renovations; Machinery, plant and equipment; Computer programs and services; Patents, Licenses and Trademarks; Specialized training of members and employees; Specialized consulting, economic and financial feasibility studies, design and construction management, environmental impact.


Facilitated zero-interest loan, covering a maximum of 75% of the permitted investment: repayment in 8 years from the disbursement of the last instalment of the balance of the loan granted; constant six-monthly instalments in arrears, falling due on 31 May and 30 November each year; The subsidised loan is assisted by the guarantees provided for by the Civil Code which can be acquired as part of the investments to be made, for a value not exceeding the amount of the loan granted Contribution by shareholders of their own funds or external financing without subsidies equal to at least 25% of the permitted investment.