The government’s commitment to continue investing heavily in exports continues. It seems that the next budget law 2021 is allocating about 1.5 billion euros to support Made in Italy in the coming year.
Already this year, the change introduced to Fund 394-81, which provided for a contribution of up to 50% of the investment, was so successful that the platform had to be closed early due to exhaustion of resources. Unlike other years, which did not include the non-refundable co-financing quota, the last initiative saw the submission of over 12,000 applications divided among the various funding opportunities. Companies have been given the opportunity to hire a Temporary Export Manager, create e-commerce, participate in international trade fairs and organize their presence abroad also through the creation of showrooms and stores, as well as the possibility of carrying out feasibility studies and other actions useful for entering foreign markets.
Among the aids to companies, this is proving to be the most effective, as it supports companies to find new markets abroad or to strengthen those where they are already present.